our packaging

Packaging is an important factor in sales and is a key element in most marketing strategies. Every product that comes from Helpack contains personality, creativity, passion, ongoing confrontation with the client and sums up the experience with different materials, printing systems and forms.

Display & Exhibitors

With the new digital technology, we can personalize even the single piece and in any size.

The promotion, exposing the product and the message, using a window display, the display, the floor display, the pal-box, it is definitely a strategic support that must have the maximum attention, a service that we must deliver to our customers, to help them better communicate and support their products.

The message must be strategic, the graphics appealing, crucial the choice of materials used that remind the target, but not less important is the shape and construction, which helps capture the customer’s attention and create new contacts. Displays can be manufactured be in paper base materials or more durable materials, depending on the lifespan objectives or impact, can range from cardboard, metal, wood, Plexiglas and a whole range of exciting new materials available today.