our packaging

Packaging is an important factor in sales and is a key element in most marketing strategies. Every product that comes from Helpack contains personality, creativity, passion, ongoing confrontation with the client and sums up the experience with different materials, printing systems and forms.

Tubes & Cylinders

The line "Tubi or not to be?" has again draw the attention on the tube...

We covered them with all types of materials in addition to the traditional paper methods, introducing the dressing of the cylinder with wood, fabric, leather and more.

We decided to offer new alternatives to the regular metal or plastic cap, introducing the wood cap (natural, colorful, customizable) and introducing the PST cap and THE methacrylate’s allowing the most different colors and customizations. This is possible with all printing methods, with newest varnishes and inks and even up to hand painted; including handles, ribbons, trimming or openings, they all provide an added value.